3.1 Toxic Beliefs that Can alter Your Personal growth in Life

Many times I have read and heard about how certain people have used their belief to destroy themselves and make things to be harder and unreachable for them in life.

Though It’s hard to get rid of some of these belief but there is nothing we can do than to leave them behind because they are toxic to our growth in life.

Anything that can tamper with our positive growth in life then surely we must be ready to stamp it out of the corner in other to become a success in life.

Though there are many toxic belief that can distort our growth in life but I have to stream It down to just “4” in other to give you the space to discuss other toxic belief with me in the comment box.

Here are the 4 toxic beliefs :

  • Perfectionist Syndrome
  • Don’t have the belief that you need to be an expert before you start anything.

    You don’t need to acquire all the knowledge about a business , Skill or any system in life before you start.

    Knowing a little about a lot can help you a lot in the long run.

    Try to begin with the little you have and stop procastinating because you are yet to be perfect.

    Don’t be fooled by the word “perfection” because it doesn’t exist and nobody has ever attained such a stage in life.

    Having a perfectionist syndrome can be so dangerous to your growth in life because you might end up circling the same wheel and achieve nothing in the end.

    The bottom line :

    Start with the little knowledge you have because it’s in doing that you become an expert not in planning.

  • Money First and Nothing Else
  • Don’t put cart before the horse when it comes to the issue of setting up a business or helping people.

    Putting money first in any deal can be so dangerous because it makes you to easily forget the reality which is adding value.

    In anything you are doing in life try to first look for where you can help other people and not where you can milk out money.

    Though money is paramount but it does not come without adding meaningful value.

    Think of value first before money.

    The hidden secret there is that the more you chase money , the more bondage you put yourself into, and the more value you add value the more money you will make in the long run.

    Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. –Albert

    Mark Zuckerberg [ the founder of Facebook] did not start facebook with the mindset of making billion of dollars in a year. Guess his Core Value ?

    It’s just to connect people

    Even it took the google guys about 2 to 3 years before they monetize their search engine site , all what is on their mind back then in 1998 is to make a Search Engine Site that will be user friendly and generate a relevant Search results.

    Life is about making an impact, not making an income. –
    Kevin Kruse

    When you chase value, money will keep rolling in as it happens to the google guys and Mark zuckerberg

  • Fast Money! Easy Money!
  • I have seen some boring people who believe in instant wealth and since the beginning of their journey to become wealthy instantly, they still have nothing to show for it and continue finding themselves in the proverbial rat race.

    Stop believing in instant wealth scheme because they gradually kill your creativity and there is tendency that you will later regret it in the long run.

    I was once a victim of a getting rich scheme but it later turned to be a bad moment for me.I just waste my precious time and nothing comes out at the end

    My advice to you is to avoid any instant wealth scheme , they can either be scam (as it is in my case) or not feasible at all

  • Herd thinking Mentality
  • When you find yourself in the midst of crowd just try to pause and reflect. Try to think freely for yourself and choose your own divine path.

    At times the crowd used to be wrong.

    Never choose a profession or business because many people are rushing in.

    Following the crowd can be so toxic and you are liable to regret in the long run if you choose wrongly.

    Your time is limited, so don’t
    waste it living someone else’s
    life. Don’t be trapped by dogma –
    which is living with the results of
    other people’s thinking. Don’t let
    the noise of others’ opinions
    drown out your own inner voice.
    And most important, have the
    courage to follow your heart and
    intuition. – steve jobs

    Last Word

    This is your life and you are here to live don’t let some fake voice distrupt you by making you to belief in what is toxic to your growth in life.

    You will take the full responsibility for your failure then why are you thinking negativity ?

    Author Bio : Hey , this is Abiodun Adetona the positive guy behind this Blog who loves talking about Internet , Science , Finance and anything that sounds informational and inspirational.

    By the way positive thinking is my newest discovery.

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