How to learn a new language 3x faster

One of the best way to improve your learning skill is to learn a new language

You learn new grammatical structure and vocabulary which is totally or partially different from your own native language

You become more social and you develop new neural pathway in your brain when you learn new language

It great to learn a new language but the work there makes it look as a impossible mission.

Currently am learning 2{dutch and french} foreign languages and it looks so simple compared to what some people think.

That’s why I discovered that am doing What other people failed to do when learning a new language then what are those ways let get started.

Just scroll down to get the full details.

  • Learn directly from a native
  • Learning from a native of such a language will makes you to be able to feel the nature of such a language.

    This will helps you a lot in term of pronunciation and the grammatical aspect of such a language.

    Next time if you want to learn a new language try to find a native to teach you.

  • Let it become part of you
  • You can let it become part of you by changing everything you are doing to such a language.

    Write in such a language and try to change the settings of your phone or computer to that language.

    Currently I used to google search in dutch so am currently letting dutch become part of me.

  • Make friends with the native
  • Actually I don’t have the mindset to learn dutch this year but it happens just because I met a dutch friend so I have to use that opportunity to learn it.

    Now I have two advantages, my dutch friend is my teacher so it don’t looks like a stress to me no more everything is just full of fun

    Watch youtube videos or listen to news

    in that language.

    Though am yet to be doing this but I think is going to be of great help to people who want to learn a new language

    How I wish we have a dutch television station here I would have dedicated some time to watch it.

  • Read short novels in that language
  • This is one of the best way to learn a new language because your language teacher can’t teach you almost everything so it’s up to you to develop yourself.

    When you read novels in that language you will become familiar with some vocabulary in that language.

  • Practice a lot!
  • That’s one of the secret behind learning a new language. Don’t just let the learning be only in the class you need to practice on your own too.

    Write,read and sing in that language always and the language will soon become part of you.

  • Learn gradually.
  • This will makes you to comprehend such language better that’s why I learn the language for only 20 minutes in a day and also learn not more than 5 – 9 new words in a day.

    Don’t rush you will soon become a master in that language. Just keep learning and practicing.

    Now wait..
    Let me teach you few words in dutch

    Goede morgen = good morning

    Ik ga slappen = I’m going to sleep

    Fijne dag. = good day

    Hoe gaat het = how are you

    Mooi. = nice

    Met. = with

    Jou. = you

    Next time if you meet me just say “Hoe gaat het” and let start the conversation in dutch.

    Fijne dag

    Thanks for reading , I love you all

    Author Bio : Hey , this is Abiodun Adetona the positive guy behind this Blog who loves talking about Internet , Science , Finance and anything that sounds informational and inspirational.

    By the way positive thinking is my newest discovery.

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