How to become a book addict

The best thing that I would like to become an addict at is reading books because it’s good to be a book addict rather than a television or drug addict.

Yes! you are right if you called me a book addict because I read everyday and can also read for a good 6 hours without feeling tired; I found a lot of fun and joy in reading.

Then how do I become a book addict and how do I become a man who reads almost everything he lay his eyes on.

Try to grab a cup of coffee or water and let get started on the journey to become a book addict.

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  • You can do this by making it compulsory for yourself to read at least a book in a week for a beginner,if you can do this for a straight 1 month then you are on the track to become an addict

    A book in a week is not good enough ,so after passing through that 1 month trial you can now change your goal to a book in 3 days and then a book in a day.

    You need to start small and have a very strong goal behind it.

  • Join a reading club!!
  • If you have one in your school or neighbourhood try to join one.

    Through this you will be able to meet like minded people like you and become more inspired to read more. If you don’t have one in your community you can also form one in your area you don’t need any fund to set it up all what you need is your willingness to achieve your goal.

    Two or three folks can form a reading club

  • Get motivated by Successfulbook readers
  • If you need motivation as a beginner try to read about great people who through reading they become great.

    I know that many of you will know about Dr. Ben carson who through reading books become number one surgeon.

    He also started by reading 2 books in a week and a total of 100 in a year. You can get his book titled “Gifted hands” to know more about him.

    In case you need a quick inspiration read this short quote :

    “The time you spend reading a book never is wasted, and much less, is unhappy time”.

    “Poor people have big television,rich people have big library”- Dan kennedy

    You waste a lot of your time when watching the tube,I think you have nothing to lose but have something gain when reading books.

  • Socialize yourself with book not
    Social media
  • To become a book addict you need to get rid of some habit especially overuse of social networking sites.

    Try to spend less time on gossiping on social network and divert those time to reading books.

  • Invest in yourself
  • The best investment you can make is to buy books in this case you have to buy more of books than any other materials.

    Every year or month try to budget some portion of your income to buying of books. I think 5% of your total income must be enough to budget on the best investment ever. If you want to be like me you can make it 10%.

  • Make friends with book addicts
  • The best way to acquire an habit is to surround yourself with people with such an habit. If you want to become an addict try to make friends with those people and in time you will be like them. In case you don’t see one in your area you can also make friends with me.

    I think there is more but I might have forgotten in course of writing this article please feel free to add them in the comment section.

    Then if there is no more just say “HI” so that I can know that you’ve read this.

    Thanks so much for reading!

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    By the way positive thinking is my newest discovery.

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