Why you can’t get rich

My famous mantra has always been that “rich mind will always be rich while a poor mind will always be poor.”

There is nothing we can do ,when our mind is not willing to do a task we can’t force it on our physical body.

I’ve tried this experiment many times , whenever my mind is not willing to do certain things and I tried to force my physical body to do it then such a project or task is nearing its doom. That’s why am more concern about my mind than my physical body.

I treat it as my biggest asset.

Getting rich worth it because most of the rich guys you are seeing on the forbes 400 are self-made and work there way up there.

Then what are the rituals you and I can perform to amount to such a height in life ?

Your Mind Your Wealth

As I said in the beginning of this post I said “I treat my mind as my biggest asset” yes that’s how it should be for you and I because the rich always make up their to do great things in life.

Positive mindedness is an hidden secret to great wealth in life. Whenever you put up your mind that you can’t reach a stage in life then there is no how you can get there.

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can
achieve. –Napoleon Hill

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For you to become wealthy in life you must try to control what you put in your mind at every stages.

Never have it in mind that you can’t get up to the stage of Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos in life.

You can even become greater than that if you can train your mind to think rich.

Have a Clear Vision and Mission.

It’s sad to see a man who has no vision and mission in life , it scenario depict that of a sailor without a Compass. What a loss !

Getting rich is not a rocket science and can never be so , you must have a vision and mission of what you really want to do with your life.

Remember that you have just one life to live so try to set it up well.

Action step : After reading this blog post go out and find a quiet place and think about what you really want to achieve with your life.

It can be only One or even a million thing.

After getting to know that pull the trigger and shoot.

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Never belittle your dream.

I have a dream you also have yours.

Never stoop so low to the extent that you will start belittling your dream. Don’t develop an inferiority being of yourself.

I have never seen a better fighter than those guys on forbes 400 , they always make sure that they fight their way up there.

Their dream in life is the biggest thing to them , they care for it all through the days of their.life.

Never care about what I say about your dream or any other dude says just keep working on how you will connect the dot and make it big.

Never and ever belittle your dream in life because it can be the next big thing in the market.

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Read like a pro.

It’s not necessary for you to pass through the four walls of the conventional school but there is one thing you must not put out of your life , that is reading of books.

Make sure you are conversant about what is happening around you , financial world and some other things that interests you. There are tons of things you can achieve from reading.

When you read books you will find out that there are much to explore in this world.

Rich guys are not ignorant type they keep searching of what to read by this they will have enough inspiration and Information to do things better.

If you are not a good reader just try to develop interest in it. It’s interesting and character building.

Be a rugged Fighter.

You can fail and fail , yes it’s natural but it boring to hear.

Many financial guru knows that almost 80% Start ups fail in their first 5 years of running.

Never let that intimidate you , you are here to win but failure is just part of the process.

A rugged fighter never accept defeat he keeps finding out ways to pull down its opponent down. So you must also be a rugged fighter in your life journey.

Let failure inspire you to do it better and not to defeat you.

Author Bio : Hey , this is Abiodun Adetona the positive guy behind this Blog who loves talking about Internet , Science , Finance and anything that sounds informational and inspirational.

By the way positive thinking is my newest discovery.

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