How to become 3X smarter and intelligent.

We’ve had a lot of smart and intelligent people on this planet some have gone [ Albert Einstein , Thomas Edison , Henry Ford… ]. while some are still among us living[.Bill Gates , Elon Musk , warren Buffet , Jimmy Wales ]

Though some researchers claimed that we are becoming less smarter and intelligent in this 21st century because of our overdependence on the use of some technological tools like internet.

I agree with those researchers but I later discovered that despite the influence of computer and all other machines on our intelligence there are still so many things we can partake in that can increase our smartness and intelligence 3X better.

Here are tips we can follow to make us 3X smarter and intelligent :

Make Reading of Books a priority

“These are not books, lumps of lifeless paper, but minds alive on the shelves.” – Gilbert Highet

This is the number one way we can follow to become more smarter and intelligent because reading of books let us dig deep into the inner thought of an author.

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Through reading of books we will be able to travel to know more about what other people think about a subject and also know what we never knew before.

Enlightenment fills our mind and we will be more informed about what is going on in our society and the world at large.

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Don’t underrate the value of reading of books because it has the ability to widen your horizon and likewise increases your intelligence.

Exercise your mind and body

Running a race everyday , going to the gym , jumping up and down will makes you a smarter being.

It will burn down the fat and increases your rate of metabolism. You will be better off 3X than a person who don’t partake in all this physical fitness training.

Not only the body needs to be exercised but likewise the mind also.

You can exercise your mind also by listening to motivational talk by great people ,, meditation, relaxing your mind frequently and all other activities that can give you sound and healthy mind.

Learn new things.. Be adventurous

If you really want to become smarter and more intelligent you need to become a great learner.

Try to seek out more things that worth to be learnt and can also help you in your field.

It can even be learning how to ride a bicycle . Playing golf or even coding a computer.

The best part of it, is learning a new language and the culture of other people across the world.

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Learning a new language is more like a challenge which can improve your learning skill and stimulate your brain to think outside the box.

Look for a skill which you lack and enrol in a class where you can learn such a skill or even teach yourself the skill if you can.

Always Use the 80/20 rule

You must have heard about this rule before in various field of study.

You must know that 20% of your productive work will yield 80% of the output.

In this case you have to indulge in making priority in your daily life activities , always try to embark on the most productive part of a task before doing the less or none productive one.

By doing this you will accomplish more in a day and be at the top of your game every time.

You will look more smarter if you don’t spend all your day concentrating on a work that is not productive.

Eat well , drink well and sleep well

These looks more like a medical advice.

In one way or the other they all have a special connection to the proper funtioning of our brain because when you eat a balanced diet , drink more water and have a normal sleep it will leads to a highly functioning brain.

When your brain is properly functioning you will become more smarter and intelligent.

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By the way , positive thinking is my newest discovery.

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