5 Proven Ways to Use twitter like a pro

Wikipedia stated that :

“As of May 2015, Twitter has more than 500 million users, out of which more than 302 million are active users.”

Source: History of Twitter

If you look through the statistics and compare it with that of 2012 which is about 100 million users apparently you will see that twitter has grown by 400% in the last 3 years.

Tapping into these large number of users is a great opportunity especially if you know how to play the game

Now , let’s move away from celebrating the number of twitter users and see how we can utilise those large number of twitter users to our own advantage.

If you are a blogger or writer , business owner or a service provider and still hesitating about the use of twitter for the promotion of your contents , products and services that means that you are still missing a lot.

After facebook has made their algorithm hard to beat , wise people has shifted their attention to the use of twitter to serve as a backup for them for generating traffic and Sales.

Here are the Ways you can follow to start Using Twitter like a Pro:

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  • Create a credible account :

    Something credible is brandable and what is brandable is what matters to the people.

    Not only in real life you build a brand you are also brandable on the social media as well.

    A credible account has the following Characteristics :

    Your Name

    You need a name for your account but don’t dare to use a name that will scare a lot of people away.

    Use a name that is real , don’t sound like a robot.

    Using a name like “follow or I unfollow” sounds too robotic and doesn’t look brandable.

    Some won’t follow you because of that name , that gives them the impression that you only want them to follow you back and not seeking real connection.

    Your Short History

    Your bio is just like your history on twitter in just 140 characters. Just make it short as short as possible reflect the real you in your twitter bio.

    Your bio at times can send people away and can also attracts people as well to your twitter account.

    Just make it simple , short and meaningful.

    Beware of Egghead Picture!

    You must have known what an “egghead” pics mean. They are those accounts on twitter with no profile pics.

    Twitter just place an egg there as their default picture.

    Do not understimate the use of a profile pics because people don’t like following or connecting with an egg picture account.

    Make sure you put up a real picture of yourself in your profile pics or if it’s your company twitter handle put up the logo of your company there.

    Leaving an egg picture in your profile is tantamount to sending signal that your account is not a functional one and not worth following.

    Well I don’t follow such an account.

  • Tweet in the real way :

    As a person who want to build an online reputation you must be ready to make sure that your tweets are well tailored in a good manner and does not contain abusive elements.

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    Have it in mind that a tweet can make your career and at the same time it can mar your career and make you to lose credibility in front of your followers.

    In as much as you are always mindful of what you say in the public try to apply the same to the social media.

    Twitter is just a large place where people can easily see your thought and make it a trend in a twinkle of an eye.

  • Folllow Like minded people :

    An average twitter user have the belief that his number of followers will increase without following anybody.

    No , It doesn’t happen like that!

    Twitter is meant for socializing and for you to enjoy twitter you must be ready to follow people that matters to you , by that some of them will follow you back and even may become your future client or customer.

    Don’t make twitter a boring place for yourself try to follow other people .

  • Build a strong relationship / Network Smartly :

    Twitter is not meant only for tweeting and promoting yourself.

    Before you can get meaningful result from twitter you have to sacrifice a lot of time to building a real relationship with your followers.

    People don’t love connecting with robot they love interacting with human being that has face.

    Whenever they tweet try to engage with them by favoriting or Retweeting them.

    Make them feel important and treat everybody with honour.

    By that you will be able to build trust with them.

    The result you will get from this will be enormous because these people are likely to retweet your content whenever they see your tweet on their timeline by that more people will be seeing what you are offering

  • Promote other bloggers , products or business :

    Over promotion of yourself can make you look spammy in front of your followers.

    Make sure you create time to promote other people as well , you can retweet some of their content or even tweet about their product.

    Karma happens at times on twitter , the more you promote other people the more those people come to pay you back.

    If you can follow these 5 simple steps am very sure that you are on your way to rock twitter.

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