How Jimmy Wales Intends to Change the World With TPO.Com

I stumbled upon an article on Business Insider Blog some days ago about TPO.COM and what Jimmy Wales and his team want to offer to the world.

I quickly Created an account with Tpo to see what’s in it and I was highly impressed about how the network is being operated and very optimistic in the future of this site.

In fact Jimbo was even more optimistic than I do. See what he said about the future of TPO

“I’ve designed a whole new
social network – similar to Twitter but better – and I’m hoping it will be massive.” – Jimmy Wales

The people’s Operator is going to be the first Social network site that cares for humanity and probably pointing to the real direction.

Jimmy Wales is not new to this world as he has brought a meaning to how we consume information online through the creation of Wikipedia some years back. Wikipedia has been ads free and a non-profit organization since it inception.

Wikipedia has been one of the coolest site on the Web without any ads or Subscription.

Imagine if Jimmy Wales wants to monetize the free encyclopaedia he must have hit a billion dollar far away.

Now Jimmy Wales has come again to be the chairman of The people’s operator which is mainly created for people who want to connect and give 10% of their mobile phone bill to a Cause ( charity ) of their own.

Jimmy Wales must be upto something and that is Changing the world in the real way.

But what made Tpo a suprise to me was that it was said to be free.

I couldn’t believe this until I received a reply from jimmy Wales from a tweet I sent to him on Twitter

@adetona77 : Is your new social media site free or paid ?

@Jimmy_Wales : Free. No ads. Please join and invite 1000 friends. 🙂

@adetona77 : Done! Am now a member of Here is the link to my account

@Jimmy_Wales : Thanks! Invite your friends!

@adetona77 : Currently doing that.

Here is the link to the Original source of the Twitter Conversation between me and Jimmy Wales

My twitter Conversation With Jimmy Wales

Its greatest feature and what pushed to write this article was that the site will allow you to support a cause you like ranging from providing Clean Water , Foood , Shelter for the less priviledged .

At the same time Tpo will be allowing his members to create awareness about any cause they think people worth to give a proper concern and generate funds for such a cause.

Tpo Core Value

Here is one of their blog post :

“Here at The People’s Operator, our work with causes is at the very centre of what we do. That’s why we’ve built a mobile deal that allows our members to direct 10% of their bill to a cause of their choice at no cost.”

Donating 10% of your mobile bill to charity is really a great steps towards making the world a better place.

Jimmy Wales Attempt to Change things…

In Jimmy Wales Manifesto on Tpo. I was amazed on how he wanted to change the world through fixing the problems people are facing on various social network site.

He was highly concerned about how various social network site are using their users as a commodity which will be sell to the advertisers.

He was highly concerned about the intrusive use of Personal information of a user and he says Tpo will distant itself from using the personal information sice they are ads free it will be easier for them to Implement this.

Read Also : On Aljazeera : The full transcript of our discussion with the founder of Wikipedia about the potential and pitfalls of the internet.

I’m also a member of TPO (an active one ) and can see that there is nothing like releasing of my personal information before creating an account with TPO.

He also made a proclamation on how mobile phone companies are wasting their money on advertising and says that the word of mouth is the new way and best way to sell things nowadays.

“Yet, we live in an era where word of
mouth is more powerful than ever before.
All that money spent on advertising is a
waste.” – Jimmy Wales

Instead of making money through ads jimmy wales would rather implore you to donate 10% of your mobile phone bills to a cause which you love.

I have met someone whose mission is to providing shelter to the less priviledged people across the world through the use of Tpo.

I am so sure that more people will come in to Tpo because all what some people need is the platform and Jimmy Wales has created this.

“Huge numbers of people want to do good things,” says the Wikipedia co-founder as he brings company to the US.

“We spend your money on causes that you
care about, rather than advertising.” – TPO

Jimmy Wales mission is really a world changing initiative , imagine a world where several people are donating 10% of their monthly internet bill to a cause and at the same time getting connected to share ideas on how to change the world for good.

Jimbo and his team really worth to be given a World applause for bringing this initiative to the world.

Here’s what Jimmy wants you to do :

  • Share this letter with your widest networks – email, Facebook, Twitter, your blog. Call your family if that helps? Make sure everyone knows what we are doing.
  • Sign up to the social networking platform. Pledge to yourself to move a big part of your digital life here. Make it a real living and breathing community force for good.</li
  • Use the tools we provide to invite your
    friends to join. Remember, the more people
    in a network, the more powerful it becomes.
  • I love supporting people great things that can the world positively and be a better place to live. That’s why I am imploring you guys to join this movement and let’s become a change intiative.


    Today and let’s make a difference.

    Author Bio : Hey , this is Abiodun Adetona the positive guy behind this Blog who loves talking about Internet , Science , Finance and anything that sounds informational and inspirational.

    By the way positive thinking is my newest discovery.

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