6 Actionable Ways to Increase your creativity by 600%

Everybody is creative but still yet we can still increase it by some percentage if we can follow some rules.

At times I used to become more aggressive in creating things higher than my normal state of creativity.

I’m able to create more , more and more with little stress because of my ability to discover better ways to push up my creativity ability.

These are normal ritual which you and I can practice daily or routinely to bring a massive boost to our creativity ability.

You have some ways to go ;.Here are the ways :

  • Vacate Your job


Many times you must have found yourself deep down into a job or task and seeing yourself losing the initial inspiration and creativity.

This happens to you because you have cross the boundary of your work-time limit.

Everybody has its own inner work-time limit.

Work-time limit means the number of minutes or hours you can focus on a task without losing the initial inspiration you begin it with.

Your own could be 45 minutes but mine is 2 hours stretch. Whenever I cross the stretch of two hours , my creativity ability will starts to diminish.

This gives me the signal that I should vacate whatever I’m doing and get some form of refreshment.

By the time I get back to work I’d have regained some of my creativity energy.

Away from regaining my creativity energy my creativity ability will also increase with it as well.

You can not be creative without being focussed

Get away from your work , get some refreshment and be more creative

  • Control Your Mind and Breath

All the work you do everyday involves your neuro-system and this system needs proper supply of oxygen to keep it functional.

If you want to become more creative , try to involve yourself in a routine meditation.

Meditation brings about a more sound and cool mind which results in boosting your creativity energy.

  • Sit Alone.

Thousands of inventors have testified to this assumption , that your creativity ability will increase if you try to practice the habit of “sitting alone”.

Don’t just sit alone , try to sit in a well ventilated area with little or no disturbance.

Here are the words of Nikola Tesla about sitting Alone :

“Be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born.” – Nikola Tesla

I’m writing this article , sitting alone and playing in the background is a very low sound inspirational music. It’s cool for me!

It boosts my creativity ability more than I can ever imagine.

  • The power of Myth : Learn from your hero

So far that nobody is an island , we all need
Hero to look up to in all our endeavor in life.

Having an hero will makes thing to become more easier and simpler to you.

You get less pressure because someone has done such a thing before.

Too much pressure and fear kills creativity and we can avoid this by choosing an hero to look upto.

If you are a speaker you can make Bill clinton or Barrack Obama as your hero because those two guys are a good speaker of all time.

Watch your hero closely , learn from them and read their books. If your hero is still alive you can find a way to spend some time with such a person ; if possible or within the reach.

  • Study More.

If you want to write more , read more. If you want to speak more , listen more. If you want to create more. Study more.

Studying more can help you in getting more insight about your field of specialization.

You can’t be creative by creating , you can only get more creative by studying more.

Most of the inventors , I have ever seen are avid readers who try to read more and more.

The likes of Nikola Tesla , Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton can not be tagged only as inventor but an avid readers who finds enjoyment in studying more.

  • Go for an Adventure.

One of the best place to go for an adventure is in a natural park.

Move out of your artificial city and get to see the nature.

Coolness of the atmosphere is good for your brain.

Your brain works more and generates more idea in a natural place.

Try it for some time and tell me the result later.

You can trigger a discussion in the comment box.

About the Author :

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guy behind this Blog who loves talking about Internet , Science , Finance and anything that sounds informational and inspirational.

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