How to Waste your Time

I’m here to give you the overview on how you can waste your time during the day.

You might have not known most of these things before but I will expose you to more of those frivolities in other to stop it.

You just have two options; either you continue or stop.

You can start Now :

Doing Things Without learning

You can’t do things without learning , even you learn how to eat when you are a kid (instinctive type)

There is no magic in it.

You either learn it from someone , get a book about it or go to school.

The best way to waste your time is doing things you know nothing about.

Over planning

Planning is normal but overplanning steal away your time.

Don’t wait till you get the signal from somewhere.

Life is not a traffick light , it does not gives you signal before it moves.

Over planning is just a time waster , when you get the overview of what you want to do.
Just Move on, life has no signal.

Over thinking about the future

Thinking too much about the future can cost you a lot of your time.

Though it’s good to have a plan for the future but it abnormal obsession can makes you to leave behind what matter most.

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Don’t worry again about what the future will be , worry about what today will be.

Focus On what today will be because today defines the future.

Turning facebook into a fridge

You want to check whether your food is chilled after 2 minutes you placed it in the fridge. It rarely happens.

This is analogy of how you are using your facebook account.

Facebook is a deadly time waster , when you leave log out of facebook after some minutes you’d love to log in again to see whether you have a notification or a message

Checking your facebook account for updates incessantly is a deadly time sucker.

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Opening 5 or 10 Tap on Your Browser

Are you a super man ?

If yes , you can do that but if no , you have to stop it now because it’s a time sucker.

At times you will find a link on facebook , you will vist it , you don’t want to miss the News and also at the same time you want to receive notification from facebook you open another tap on your browser.

You are also expecting another mail from your friend or boss you have to open that gmail account.

What about your twitter account ?

You are already overwhelmed about what you really want to read first.

If you are not a super man you can’t read all the materials and understand every thing.

Does super man Exists ?

Then why are you wasting your time opening 5 to 10 tab on a browser since you can’t absorb all the information at a time.

If you want to enjoy your Internet life why can’t you limit your tab to 3.

For me I’m only using 1 tab.

It saves a lot of time and am really enjoying it because it made me to absorb a lot of information online.

If you can’t join me stick to 2 or 3 tabs don’t go far to 5 tabs.

Thinking about What other think about You

Thinking about what others think about you is another best way you can waste your time on.

Thinking about it won’t change how and what they are thinking about you.

If you can’t change it then why are you wasting your time.

Planning Without Action

Planning is one of best thing you can do when you want to embark on a journey in life but is still the biggest time sucker.

There is no need for over planning taking action is the best thing you can do.

If you want to waste your time try to over plan every step you want to take in your life.

Reading More than 3 Newspapers or News blog

Here is another big time waster.

Reading 2 or more news blog is just like drinking water in different bottles.

Almost all the news on all blog are the same even most of the bloggers Copy and paste into their blog.

Why can’t you decide and pick your favorite blog or newspaper and stop wasting your time reading more than 2.

Going to College without Substance

I don’t care if you have phd. In a field of study and can’t prove it.

You are just wasting your time , go and find something meaningful to do.

Hell with your PHD without Substance.

Reading this blog post

You are still wasting your time if you can’t reflect on all what I’ve just written and make corrections.Thanks


I’d like to make this list to be 22 please make a suggestion in the comment box , I will surely add it to this post and make proper reference to you.

About the Author :

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