Know little About a lot About Me

You are welcome to my personal Question and Answer Segment.

Inspired by the Author of I am Destined for Greatness

Hello , please kindly introduce yourself in just 5 sntences ?

I’m Abiodun Adetona a blogger and a Self -taught Computer programmer who loves writing about. anything that can have a positive impact on someone out there.

Why did you create this blog ?

My answer is just in two folds

The main reason behind the creation of this blog is to Inform and Inspire any body that lands here.

Any other reason is just secondary.

What about Money ?

You mean money?

Yes… ? (Interrupted )

Let me teach you one thing. In anything you ever wanted to pursue in life never go into it because you need some buckets of money.

Let passion and purpose drives you first , then money will come.

The two biggest thing on the internet (facebook and Google ) were not initially created because of money.

Facebook and Google are a project driven by the passion and purpose of their founders.

Though money matters but should not be the first thing.

It looks like you are a young writer ?

Yes I am just 18. I never care about the number but the quality.

What other things did you like doing apart from blogging ?

I love playing with the computer ( coding web app ) , Researching , Writing , connecting with like minded people on Social media , Reading Science books , Holy Books and financial books and reading articles on wikipedia. I do all these in a day.


What’s your future plan for this blog ?

This blog will be turned into a community.

There is high probability that I will be more of an Editor on this blog than a writer. Just stay tuned and keep in touch.

Who are your Role model ?

I learn from every positive person , no actual role model.

Who is Asking all these Questions since?


Who is Answering ?


What’s next ?

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Thanks for reading.


9 thoughts on “Funny Q & A Segment. (About Me )

  1. lorra123 says:

    LOL inspired by the author of I Am Destined For Greatness… That would be me… Thanks alot for mentioning it. I love the blog post. It’s not what I expected which makes it even better. I love your style and humor. I was laughing while reading and nodding my head in agreement like I was talking to someone.

    You’re right its not the number but the quality that’s important. The fact that you are so young inspires me even more. Great accomplishments. Love to be connected more.

    Keep on inspiring people and your peers. Probably others in your community that are your peers wished they had the will-power and determination to succeed just like you. Show them its possible.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Abiodun Adetona says:

      I’m overwhelmed. Don’t know what to say.

      Your words are just so full of Inspiration.

      Though I procastinated a lot before I put this one up but at the end , I think of the shortest way to introduce myself in few words that is engaging as well.

      Due to my procastination it took me about 21 days , if not longer for me to write this.

      By the way , Thank you Lorraincia Lucretia De Juy. For bringing it to my notice.


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